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Quality Assurance

Handling and maintenance of rupture discs

Disc is a soft thin foil or plate, be careful when handling and transportation,.
For example, it may cause low pressure rupture if you hit the dome, or wrinkle, and put a fingerprint.
The burst pressure of a rupture disc may decrease due to physical factors such as normal operating pressure and temperature, as well as due to chemical reactions with the pressurized fluid and the atmosphere.  Further, rupture discs may be subjected to abnormal pressure or may burst under conditions such as when pressure tests of the vessel or pipe are conducted with the rupture discs installed, when operational errors occur during trial runs, or when pressure levels remain unstable during the run-up to normal operations. For these reasons, we recommend that sufficient numbers of spare discs be kept handy.
Please refer to the Instructions Manual  included in the product box for further precautions regarding the handling of rupture discs.
In particular, appropriate monitoring of tightening torque is important for reverse buckling rupture discs. Please observe the torque values listed in the Instructions Manual  and install the rupture discs with care.

Quality assurance

ISO9001   ISO9001  
Especially,Because it is one of the safety device, the rupture disc quality control is strictly required.
Thoroughly managed by corporate standards Over the whole process until the shipment of goods from the stock of material was defined more finely it with JIS B 226, HPIS-101, We manufacture and to be able to cater fully to the user's trust We have been inspected.
In addition, the qualifications and ISO 9001, extensive testing facilities in its management structure, it is possible to test a variety of φ10 from φ900.
RFQ for Rupture Discs