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About Rupture Disc

What is Rupture Disc?

What is Rupture Disc?  
Rupture Disc is a pressure relief device that prevents system from over-pressurization. If a plant or a system consisting of vessels, containers and pipes is designed to have a weak spot, relatively weaker from other area,, and when the system or plant inner pressure reaches to certain point, the weak spot will burst (rupture) to release the pressure. This prevents system or plant from over-pressurizing and protects other areas of the system. Given conditions to this weak spot, including shape, dimension, pressure, temperature, and being replaceable, it is called Rupture Discs or Bursting Discs.
Rupture Disc units offer proven protection to equipment and piping in various applications including chemical and nuclear industries. Rupture Disc units protects such equipments from risk of bursting caused by abnormal pressure rising from mis-operation, excursion or flare. The Rupture Disc design seals 100% at all pressure ranges. This eliminates the problem found in most safety devices of seal leakage during normal operation and eliminates the leakage of expensive, combustible, poisonous, and radioactive fluid.
Rupture Disc units have features as shown right and normally utilized as safety devices.
Not only releasing excess pressure, Rupture Disc unit functions as quick-opening valves with a certain conditions such as temperature, pressure, and timing. Rupture Disc units are also utilized in pilot plants and equipments applications.
We believe Rupture Disc has an absolute advantage as a safety device and we have continued research and development of Rupture Disc and provided products with high credibility to our customers. Along with our improved engineering skills developed with proven production recoRupture Disc, and by improving and expanding our manufacturing facilities, we will continue to improve our product reliability. By this approach, we assure we will fulfill your expectations.
  Rupture Disc units


■Structure example
Structure example
A metal plate designed to be ruptured at set pressure and temperature. With bursting pressure adjustment and sealing function. Composite type Discs are normally made of PTFE. (For composite type, bursting pressure is adjusted with slit disc.)
A part ensuring to secure Disc. Designated securer is important. If Disk is not properly secured, stresses imposed on Discs may change and may result in bursting pressure changes.
Slit Disc (Disc as a Spare Parts)
Doom-shaped metal parts with radial slits used for Composite type Rupture Disc.These slits facilitate bursting pressure adjustment.
  Slit Disc
Vacuum Support(V-Support)
Used for where chamber becomes vacuum atmosphere and/or back pressure to avoid buckling and deforming of discs by covering upstream side of a disc.
With two types in its property - permanent and bursting along with disc, V-Support is often used for Conventional type Discs for vacuum application.
  Permanent-type Vacuum Support   Open-type Vacuum Support  
  Permanent-type Vacuum Support   Open-type Vacuum Support  
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