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Transfer Valves

V TEX offers major 3 types of valve line-ups depending on the direction of the pressure on the Gate
V TEX increases valve line-ups in response to customer request
Door Valve   Positive Pressure Valve   Back Pressure Valve
Door Valve
Atmospheric pressure is added to Gate sealing direction
Positive Pressure Valve
Used under equal pressure
Back Pressure Valve
Vacuum pressure is added to the opposite direction of sealing direction
Transfer Valves
200mm Wafer to G8 glass substrate
Various types are available depending on valve size and specifications
V TEX will propose actuating type which is the most suitable for required specification
Actuating Type   ・RollCam Type
    ・TwinRollCam Type
    ・Boxer Type
  ・For Roll-to-Roll Process
No metal contact sliding part within vacuum
Simple and minimum BOM configuration enables compact and space-saving product
Vertical Gate sealing surface minimizes risk of foreign object contamination
Standard specification is high-robustness and maintenance-free product with 1 million cycles life time
Standard gate seal elastomer is O-ring, which enables lifetime cost-saving
The main common specifications(standard)
Helium Leak Rate
(with FKM sealing elastomer)
Operating Temperature 90℃(Actuator:60℃)
Operating Pressure 0.5MPa
Warranty Period 12month
Cycle Life Time 1million times
RFQ for HV and UHV Gate Valves