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Privacy Policy

V TEX is aware that protecting our customer’s personally identifiable information (Personal Information) is one of our social responsibilities and will promote following approach.
1.V TEX will educate and train our employees to exercise proper handling and control of Personal Information.
2.V TEX will maintain reasonable technical measures to prevent personal information obtained by V TEX from loss, alteration, leakage and improper acquisition by any third parties.
3.When V TEX ask for the Personal Information, V TEX shall advise the purpose and scope of the use, and V TEX contact information in principle.
4.V TEX will, to the reasonable extent, respond to the request of verification and correction of own Personal Information. Please contact the representative.
5.V TEX shall use the Personal Information solely for the legitimate purpose to fulfill the business and service agreed with the customer.
6.V TEX shall, in principle, not provide the Personal Information to any third parties except those trusted partners who work on behalf of V TEX, the contractors, affiliates and outsourced organizations associated with providing the business and services to the customer.
7.V TEX may, when need to, provide the Personal Information to a third party. When sharing and providing the Personal Information, V TEX requires the third party to sign the non-disclosure agreement or equivalent contract, in order to protect the Personal Information from divulgation or unlawful disclosure and provision by the third party. V TEX will comply with the laws and regulations related to the protection of Personal Information of Japan as well as appropriately review the policy continually for its improvement.
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