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当社は長年にわたり、高品質・高性能な特殊バルブの開発・製造・販売に力を注いできました。東海工場で開発し、生み出された商品は、数多くのお客様から高い評価をいただき日本そして海外のプラント、設備などに幅広く採用されています。また、日本で唯一のラプチャーディスクメーカーとして国内設計・国内生産にこだわり、各種プラント、圧力容器の安全を支えてきました。設計から製造、検査に至る一貫した工程が組まれ、内外資料の消化と吸収及び試作と改良など長年の研究開発に裏付けられた商品群は、お客様から大きな信頼を得ています。For several years now, we have dedicated our efforts towards the development, manufacture and salesof high quality, high precision valves for specialized applications.Products that were developed and manufactured at the Tokai Plant have received high acclaim fromnumerous customers and are being used widely at plants and other facilities across the globe.Further, as the only rupture disc manufacturer in Japan, we have played an important role in helpingto maintain the safety of high pressure devices utilized at plants nationwide, through product designand manufacture at our domestic production bases.Our product line-up that draws on our rich expertise in research and development accumulated overthe period of many years, including an integrated production system covering processes from the designstage to the manufacture and pre-shipment inspection stage, as well as trials, utilization, andimprovement of domestic and imported materials, have earned a reputation for their high reliability.ブイテックスのラプチャーディスクは、ダイレクトなエンジニアリングでお客様のご要望にお応えします。V TEX employs direct engineering to manufacture rupture discs that are tailored to suit specificcustomer requirements.Product of Japan3製造拠点Production bases