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「お客様には最大の満足と私たちの誠意を贈ろう」それが、創業以来変わらぬ当社のポリシーです。Our company policy that has remained unchanged since inception:Deliver products that reflect our sincere efforts towards providing the utmost customer satisfaction.当社は、特殊バルブメーカー・ラプチャーディスクメーカーとして独自の道を進み、常に業界のパイオニアとして基礎技術と応用技術を求めて開発を進めております。当社の商品は半導体やFPD、HDDの製造装置、原子力プラント、ケミカルプラント、粒子線加速器等の先端産業における多様で高度なニーズに応え、産業の発展に貢献していきます。As a manufacturer of specialized valves and rupture discs, V TEX has pursued a unique path. In keepingwith our position as an industry pioneer, we have been consistently conducting development with the aimof creating new fundamental and applied technologies. We are committed to contributing to industrialgrowth through our products that meet the diverse and highly sophisticated needs of cutting-edgeindustries, such as the production of semiconductors, flat panel display (FPD) and hard disk drive(HDD) manufacturing devices, and the manufacture of particle accelerators, as well as in nuclear plantsand chemical plants.技 術Technology品 質Quality当社は、「お客様の信頼と満足を得る」を発想の起点として高い品質を追求しています。素材の吟味から最新設備による加工、徹底的な検査まで、品質保証マニュアルに基づく一貫した生産管理体制と品質に対する責任感により、高品質・高精度の商品をお届けします。また、商品アイテムの充実、国内外での製造・販売・アフターサービス体制の一層の強化に、グローバルに取り組んでまいります。Based on the concept of providing customer satisfaction and gaining customerconfidence, V TEX seeks to realize high quality levels. We have a strong sense ofresponsibility with regard to product quality and have adopted an integratedproduction control system that is based on a Quality Assurance Manual and coversprocesses from the testing of materials to processing by advanced equipment andconducting of thorough pre-shipment inspections, in order to manufacture superiorquality products that also boast a high degree of precision. V TEX is alsoimplementing initiatives on a global scale to expand its product line-up and furtherstrengthen production, sales and after-sales-service structures in Japan andoverseas.当社は、環境保全を重要な課題の1つと位置づけ、環境マネジメントシステム(EMS)の国際規格であるISO14001を東海工場において取得しました。これからも、「自然・社会・地域との共生」「生産効率・販売効率の向上による省エネルギー・省資源」「商品の開発から使用に至るまでの環境負荷低減」をテーマに活動していきます。V TEX has positioned environmental preservation as one of its priority action itemsuse stage.JIS Q 9001JSAQ 327CM001ISO 9001JIS Q 14001JSAE 1534CM001ISO 14001コーポレートメッセージCorporate messageand has acquired ISO 14001 certification, that sets international standards forimplementing an environmental management system (EMS), at the Tokai Factory.Going forward, we will continue to carry out activities that seek to establish apeaceful coexistence with nature, local communities and society at large, conserveenergy and resources through enhanced production and sales efficiency, and reducethe environmental impact of products from the developmental stage through to the環 境The environment2